Gamarjoba, Georgia!

I decided to make a book out of the photos I took on our Georgia trip last September, 2016.

Click/Tap the edges to turn the pages. For mobile users, you can rotate your phone 90° (landscape) for bigger and better viewing.



It was my first time in Europe so it was pretty special. Living in Asia all my life, it’s a dream to experience culture on the western side, where almost everything is a stark contrast from the East: the climate, the architecture, and the people.

But I never imagined it to be more magical than I expected it to be.

Georgia is a really precious place with very lovely people, rich culture, and incredible history. I wanted to remember all of the things I learned while in the country, whether it was a history lesson or a self-realization. Being a tourist but feeling like family in a faraway land invokes lots of new feelings and thoughts, and what better way to recall the experience than by reliving the moments through tangible storytelling.

We all know how books can transport one to places; how photographs capture candid moments; and how journals record emotions. I combined all of those in this travelogue. Also, by having it printed, I’m hoping to share the experience to other people, not to aid in traveling, but just to share my joy in visiting the country.

It’s a hundred and
twelve pages of
photos and
poor writing.